Spring is in the air and that means just one thing – planting a Spring Garden!

I don’t know about you, but it is one of my favorite seasons!

Seed and plant catalogs have been poured over and. like last year, we will be doing quite a bit of square foot gardening and stepping up our composting. I am ready to get my hands dirty!

Here are some great ideas on what to plant in your spring garden this year.


Start out with carrots and sow the seeds in a 12-24 inch space. Carrots grow fast and you can harvest them in as early as 21 days. One secret is to sow new seeds every week so that you have carrots growing and ready to eat each week! Grow a few different varieties from long and skinny to short and stumpy. You can even grow white, yellow, orange, and even purple carrots this year!


Grow greens like spinach and broccoli together. Broccoli grows upright and you can harvest the baby shoots or grow a broccoli crown. Spinach grows close to the ground and produces new leaves each day. These two make a great companion planting combination. They both need nutrient-rich soil and like it kept evenly moist. Both spinach and broccoli need 6-8 hours of sunlight a day, so make sure to plant in a sunny location.


One of the prettiest vegetables to grow in the garden is definitely Swiss Chard. The stalks come in colors of white, red, orange, purple, and red. The stems and dark green glossy leaves are edible and easy to grow. Swiss Chard likes it more on the cooler side, but will continue to grow as the temperatures heat up.


Potatoes are not always the easiest to grow, but I love to grow fingerlings, red and purple potatoes. This year, I am trying the Lutovsky box where I can grow 100 pounds of potatoes in just four square feet! By layering the potatoes, this increases the yield that is produced in a small amount of space. Potatoes like it a bit on the warmer side and grow quite well throughout the summer months.


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