DIY: Endless onion supply


How simple it would be if every time you need the onions for cooking and just simply take one and grow another in his place.

Of course you can buy onions in any supermarket, but you never have enough information about the circumstances in which they grown. One solution could be growing onions at home, we can, but not everyone lives in a house with garden, but now we present a method that works in the kitchen, and everybody has a kitchen.

What is needed:
– A large PET bottle
– scissors
– onion bulbs
– soil
– water

How you do it:
Use scissors to cut off the neck of the bottle, then cut holes in the side of the bottle.
Be careful with the size of the holes, they need to be big enough for the onion bulbs.
Then placed the onion in the holes with the end outside the hole and fill it up with soil.
Water the soil and then put the bottle in front of a window to get light.