5 Ways to Use Citrus Peels in Your Garden




Lemons and oranges on napkin in basket and peeling knife on blue wooden background

1. Give your compost pile some nitrogen.
Nitrogen is a much needed ingredient in your compost pile. One of the easiest ways to add nitrogen to your compost pile is to add citrus peels to it. As they decompose nitrogen will be added. You don’t have to do anything special, just toss the peels into the compost when you have them.

2. Stir in some nutrients to your soil.
Citrus peels contain sulfur, magnesium, calcium and more nutrients your garden will thrive off of. Stir some of these nutrients into your soil when you dry the peels and then blend them into a fine powder. Stir the powder directly into the soil and let the magic happen.

3. Say goodbye to aphids.
Aphids can eat away at your greenery, causing unsightly holes and discoloring. Beat them at their own game. Take orange peels and create a slit in them, then slide them on to the plant you wish to protect. It is just that easy.

4. Repel mosquitoes.
You can keep mosquitoes from biting when you add some citrus peels to your garden. Rubbing the peels on plants, on your skin, or even simmering the peels in water and using as a spray can help keep your skin bite free.

5. Attract some fluttery friends.
Leaving citrus peels in a shallow dish is a great way to attract butterflies to your garden. They will come and feed off of the sweet juices left on the peels and in turn add some color and ambiance to your garden.