herbs 2

These indoor herb garden ideas will keep fresh herbs at your fingertips all year long. Not to mention that your indoor herb garden could end up saving you some money on your grocery bill. Being able to clip herbs right from the plant and into the meals you prepare adds so much goodness to your food. Check out these ideas for some inspiration to create your very own indoor herb garden.


  1. Mini Indoor Herb Garden: This simple idea uses small plastic containers and other items you probably have sitting around the house. Great way to recycle.
  2. Mason Jar Herb Garden: I love this idea of using mason jars as containers for your herbs.
  3. Planty: The Smartest Herb Pot Ever: A very clever idea. After all, we do have smart phones. Why not a smart planter?
  4. Tea Tins: After you have finished off your loose tea leaves you can use the container as an herb pot. You could also give this idea another spin by using vintage tins.
  5. Small DIY Home Garden on Your Window Sill: Do you have a window where the light shines bright? This herb garden sits on your window sill.
  6. Herbs in a Teacup: This whimsy idea uses vintage teacups as containers for your herbs.
  7. Chalkboard Herb Pots: A little chalkboard paint and some terra cotta pots will allow you to label your herbs clearly. This is a great way to get the kids involved in gardening.
  8. Counter Top Herb Garden: This space saving indoor herb garden idea uses just one container for several different herbs.
  9. Tea Kettle Herb Garden: I love this idea of repurposing an old tea kettle as an herb container. It fits perfectly in the kitchen.
  10. Garden Wall: Use herbs and their containers as works of arts to fill up an empty wall in your kitchen or dining room.
  11. Clothes Pin Flower Pot: Make your own pot out of clothes pins and create a unique set up for your herbs to reside.

Indoor Gutter Garden: I would have never thought about this idea. I have seen gutters used as bookshelves, but this idea is incredibly brilliant.