10 Easy to Make Rasied Garden Beds


Gardening is fun because you get such a great reward for your labors–food & flowers! But if animals eat your produce before you do, it’s quite a bummer. That’s why raised garden beds are such a great idea. They can help protect your seedlings from unwelcome animals. And the good news is that it’s relatively simple to make a raised bed yourself! I gathered some great DIY ideas for building a raised garden–I hope you find some inspiration!

Easy-to-Build Raised Garden Beds 1

 Apartment Therapy posted detailed directions for making your very own raised garden bed with a detachable greenhouse covering. I love the way this looks, and it’s small enough that it would fit in most backyards.

Easy to Make Rasied Garden Beds

My Daily Randomness built this raised garden bed for her backyard, and I think it’s just fabulous. It’s a great idea to split a large garden bed down the middle so that you can access all sides and angles of the garden. And the lighting is a great idea too!


Wisconsin Mommy built this beautiful portable, raised garden bed that is nice and compact and stays off the ground! This is especially appropriate for a backyard that sees a lot of little critters. You don’t want rabbits eating your precious vegetables!


Family Handyman posted instructions for building this lovely patio which highlights raised garden beds. You can use garden beds for more than growing vegetables! They can also be useful when designing patio areas outdoors.


The Garden Glove posted this lovely garden area that features cement garden boxes. These would be a very fun DIY project, and they help set off different areas of your backyard beautifully. Just make sure you build them exactly where you want them–there’s no moving them once they’re built!


Concrete Exchange had the great idea of incorporating raised garden beds into outdoor furniture. This bench is a beautiful example and would be a great DIY project to recreate. It would certainly add style to any outdoor space.


Lushome posted this lovely idea for a backyard space that incorporates lots of raised garden beds. These beds look lovely clustered together with walkways in the between, and I especially love the seating around the edge of the planters. Seating would help make garden easier!


I Am That Lady posted a great idea for making cool-looking garden beds. Instead of plain old wood, these beds incorporate galvanized metal. As time goes on, the metal will develop a lovely patina–perfect for a rustic outdoor space.


Vegetable Gardner posted detailed directions for making your own wooden garden box with a removable pest gate. Usually pest gates are a bit inconvenient. But since this one is removable, you’ll have an easy tie gardening–just like usual.


Modern Bushman posted directions for making a DIY raised vegetable garden for only $24. The boxes are made out of garden edging logs which are durable and cost effect. Plus, they lend themselves to a rustic, outdoorsy feel which may be just the thing for your backyard.


10 Easy to Make Rasied Garden Beds